With the development of technology,the emergence of the Touch All in One Kiosk makes people’s lives more convenient and more intelligent. However, technology is a double-edged sword. With the increasing of products’ number, the market begins to appear chaotic, and more and more products emerge, making the quality uneven.

So how can you choose a cost-effective device?

1. LCD Touch Screen

The LCD Touch Screen is used frequently on the machine, so its quality is crucial. The price of the original well-known brand LCD Screen is a little higher, but the visual and tactile effects are absolutely different. A poor quality LCD screen is definitely a failure of the entire machine during using. Not only that, but the quality of the touch screen is also the key to the screen. At present, there are resistive touch, capacitive touch and infrared touch on the market. The popular one is infrared multi-touch, the touch sensitivity is relatively high, and the capacitive touch is also very good. Users should choose according to their own purposes and requirements when making choices.

2. Product Performance

In addition to good using of a machine, its own performance and product efficacy are particularly important. The touch integrated machine is a product device integrating computer and display, and the corresponding software is configured to meet the needs of users. Then first check the brightness, resolution and response time of the device and the configuration of the host when purchasing. Secondly, check the function of the touch software to see if it meets our actual needs.

3. The manufacturer

For the customer, the purchase is not just a simple device, the purchase is a professional touch all-in-one kiosk manufacturer. Therefore, in this process, we must fully examine the quality of service of the manufacturer to ensure that there will be no concerns in the future use process.

In summary, combined with the three parts of the point to compare them, we will definitely purchase a cost-effective product equipment.

Post time: May-13-2020